The Brunette Visits Yo! Sushi

So last week my boyfriend passed his driving theory so I decided to treat us to a meal at Yo! Sushi since he has recently discovered he is obsessed with it.

We went to the Princes Street YO! and I was pretty nervous as I knew it wasn’t your usual restaurant style and the whole conveyor belt thing sounded confusing but to my delight, it was very relaxed and  our server explained everything to us clearly. We had a window seat and as it was an October night we had a beautiful view of Edinburgh Castle illuminated in the night -very romantic.

Picture from YO! Sushi Facebook

I wasn’t extremely hungry so I ended up only trying a couple of things. I had the Edamame Beans, the Tofu Kastu Curry and the Inari Pockets. I loved the Katsu Curry but I discovered I don’t like tofu so I ate the rice, sauce and breadcrumbs. The Inari Pockets were strange, I didn’t expect them to be sweet but it was amazing and I was tempted to get another plate! Sadly I didn’t like the Edamame Beans, they weren’t bad, they just weren’t to my taste. They had a lot of vegetarian or vegan options.

Picture from YO! Sushi Facebook

My boyfriend had about seven plates and I can’t remember everything that he had but I can assure he was more than impressed with his choices.

We’ll definitely be back (to my boyfriends delight). It’s a great place to go if you’re a sushi newbie as they have a great selection of ‘plainer’ dishes -it’s not all raw fish- so I’d recommend it.


2 thoughts on “The Brunette Visits Yo! Sushi

  1. I’ve never been to Yo Sushi! It doesn’t really sound like my sort of place, I’m not a big fan of fish and a very picky eater… But if there’s plainer dishes available I might endulge my own boyfriend and have a go – he’s been wanting to go for a while now! Hi by the way, I’m Gee and I just started up my own blog😇


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