One of the Blondes visits Voujon

There is really only one negative to this review and I’ll get it out of the way now:  I have lived 5 minutes away from this restaurant for a year and this was my first visit! A rather large error on my part; you’ll see why very soon.

Image supplied by Voujon

Voujon offers a different kind of Indian dining experience than I’m used to.  Usually my Indian meals are takeaway, as I’ve never found a sit-in Indian restaurant that appeals to me.  The feeling in Voujon is very much one of easy elegance and sophistication, there’s no need to dress up but the attention to detail in the decor goes a long way.

voujon 31.jpg
Image supplied by Voujon

After reading the glowing Trip Advisor reviews, I had seriously high hopes for the food. The menu is really varied and offers fab vegetarian options (the Brunette was of course delighted to hear this!), for starters alone there are 8 vegetarian options.

Much deliberation over the menu ensured, I finally decided on Lentil Soup (a homely hot bowl of soup with a tangy twist)  to start while my boyfriend went for King Prawn Butterfly (whole king prawns served crispy coated in bread crumbs lightly fried).

Image supplied by Voujon

I’ll be forever glad that I branched out from my usual order of Chicken Pakora because the soup was to die for! I also must admit that I tend to go over-board with starters and sides when ordering Indian, then never manage to finish my main course, so the soup made for a delicious, light starter.  The ‘being full’ problem is not something that my boyfriend has ever seemed to experience – The King Prawn Butterfly was a plentiful portion and went down an absolute treat.

For mains, I ordered a Lamb Madras along with special fried rice and garlic naan… I had all that space to fill from the light starter you know. My other half decided on the Sheik Kebab Wrap ( minced meat, Kashmiri spices and a hint of garlic cooked on skewers in the tandoor, served in a wrap and lightly dressed in mango chutney ) which is served with garden salad, as well as Pilau rice and the Keema naan.

Image supplied by Voujon

My Madras was spicy yet not overpowering, just the way I like it and the naan made for the perfect sweep up of the leftover sauce at the end.  I stole just a little bit of the Kebab and can also vouch for it’s tastiness. My boyfriend swears that the Keema naan is the best he’s ever had… However this was entirely polished off by the time I asked for a taste!

We were both really impressed by Voujon, especially the waiting staff who couldn’t do enough to help.  The staff are polite, helpful and always on hand if you need them yet manage not to be intrusive to the meal in the slightest. While we paid for our meal, we were pointed in the (right) direction of Voujon by Crimson Edge PR who made sure the visit went seamlessly.

You can find out more about Voujon here.




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