Steak & Shake @ No.8 Lister Square

We were invited along to try No.8 Lister Square’s brand new Steak & Shake deal last week, and let me just say, oh wow!

No.8 Lister Square Instagram

The vibe of No.8 Lister Square is basically cool and relaxed – my favourite.  Downstairs there’s people chilling with drinks (the cocktails are unreal may I just add), while upstairs the restaurant has a slightly more formal feel with everyone enjoying their food.  There was a pub quiz there while we were there, making for a great laugh.  They also have loads of live music nights, which I’ll certainly be making a return for.

No.8 Lister Square Instagram 

After making our way up the stairs, we were greeted by our server straight away and shown to our table with a lovely smile, while the steak & shake deal was explained to us.  Basically the new deal is that you get a 150g Rump Steak & chips and a milkshake for £10, and the deal is available Sunday-Thursday 4pm-7pm.  Bargaaaaain!

I did the bad thing, and brought along a vegetarian as my date to steak night – I know, I know.  But fortunately for us the restaurant and staff were so accommodating, offering several delightful sounding vegetarian dinner options.

A very friendly server promptly arrived to take our orders; I of course, had the rump steak with chips while my friend opted for the sundried tomato with buffalo mozzarella & fresh basil flatbread.  We also got the breaded brie bites with cranberry dip as a side dish – as if we didn’t already have enough on our plates… And who could forget the two chocolate milkshakes to top the meal off.

The flatbread got a huge thumbs up from my dining companion, with seriously generous helpings of mozzarella this one is bound to be a winner with cheese fans everywhere!  The flatbreads are basically like a slightly less round shaped pizza, I stole just a tiny slice and it was amazing.

Blogger’s own 

Now to the main event of the evening, the steak.  What I really loved about this dinner was the little twist in that you get to cook your own steak on a hot stone.  Armed with a sizzling hot stone, a bowl of rock salt and some beautifully pre sliced steak – I was ready to become a master chef.

final 3
Blogger’s own

After tasting the steak, I’m basically convinced I’m in entirely the wrong profession…  It was SO good!  I think with steak, it’s a really good and fun idea to let people cook it themselves as people (me) tend to know exactly how they like it.  With all the hard work and prep already done, you just have to lay the meat carefully on the hot stone and wait for it to turn your desired shade of cooked.

final 2
Blogger’s own 

The chips were beautifully cooked with skin on, served with a generous helping of mayo.  And last but certainly not least – the brie bites. Can these somehow become a main meal please?!  They are absolutely to die for.  I love when places put extra effort into their side dishes and make them stand out, No.8 Lister Square certainly achieved that level of effort with these charming little cheese nibbles.

Final thoughts on No.8?  Food, atmosphere and service were all amazing.  The steak & shake offer is a great deal, especially for the quality of food that you receive for just a tenner.  No.8 Lister Square is the ideal place for an easy going dinner with friends, and maybe even a quiz win if you’re lucky too.

You can find out more about No.8 Lister Square and all of the fun things they’re doing here.



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